Sound designer, composer, director of the Experimental Studio Bratislava, programme adviser (experimental music), editor – RTVS Radio Devín (Slovakia).

Juraj Ďuriš graduated from the Slovak Technical University in 1978 and since then he has been working at the Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio in Bratislava. He achieved his music and composition education through private studies. He participated in creating several electroacoustic compositions and produced several of his own projects. He participates in several intermedia activities and computer art projects in Slovakia and outside. He is a programme adviser for experimental art at RTVS – Slovak Radio. Since 1992 broadcast the radio programme Ex Tempore about experimental music on Rádio Devín. Director of Experimental Studio Bratislava and editor in chief www.sonicart.sk.

Member of the jury 1991 – 2003 Concorso Internazionale “Luigi Russolo” in Varese, member of jury “Musica Nova” – 1995-2023 Prague, – a member of jury IREM (International Rostrum of Electroacoustic – UNESCO – Helsinki 94, Amsterdam 96, Roma 2004, – jury SPACE 96 – Stockholm, – a member of ARS Acustica Workgroup EBU 2000-2020, (European Broadcasting Union), Taukay Udine and PRIX EUROPA 2006.

Electroacoustic compositions:

“Chronos I.”

“Zrodenie svedomia” (Birth of Conscience),

“Spomienky” (Memories – 3rd prize Varese, Italy 1985),

“Sny” (The Dreams – 1987 1st prize Varese, Italy, 1988 and prize Int.Rostrum of El. Music, Stockholm),

Portrét”, (Portrait – Main prize on MUSICA NOVA ’94 – Prague),

“Panta Rhei” – for vc. and electronics,

STEAM The Symphony of Energies” (Shortlist PRIX ITALIA 2015),

Vláčikár“ (Model Train Lover),

4.33 pre Adamčiaka“,

Stratné pamäti“ (Lost Memories),

Leck mich am Arsch, Joniku!

“Siluety“ (Silhouettes) – Juraj Ďuriš, Rudolf Pepucha, composition for five-string violin “Milanolo” and Electronic. Milan Pala plays at Milanolo,

Ephēmeros“ for vc. and electronics. Violoncello Lujza Ďurišová